Drawing & Coloring Fun doodles with Letter C

Please Support my channel if you enjoy this video by clicking Like, Subscribe and wait for more! Fun jungle Doodles with Letter C! using Ohuhu Marker on my pencil presketched drawing. Advertisements


Drawing & coloring Simple Mandala with Letter Y

Please support my channel if you enjoy this video by clicking Like, Subscribe and wait for more! Simple & Fun way to draw simple Mandala with the letter Y I used ohuhu and Artist’s Loft markers on my pencil presketched drawing.

Learn to draw & color the UAE doodles – for Kids

I have collected few famous objects to draw about the great county the UAE ♡ The UAE has a special place in my heart as I was born there and have had the best childhood memories in every area in Abu Dhabi! Such an amazing city with high standards of a quality life style.The coloring […]

Learn how to draw LOL Diva Surprise Doll

Watch the video of drawing the cute and stylish Diva, one of girls favorite LOL dolls, Ill be placing the coloring page under the Free Coloring Pages soon!

Learn how to draw and color Agnes from the movie Despicable me

Agnes is such a cute charachter that could even steal the heart of Gru lol Drive more traffic to your online store using performance based marketing. Why don’t we try to draw Agnes and color the drawing in a fun and simple way? And then, let’s hang it in our room? ♡ Watch the video […]

Learn how to draw and color Shorty LOL Suprise Doll!

It is very entertaining to draw such cute dolls, I totally understand why many girls love them ♡ The one I chose this time is called Shorty LOL Suprise Doll. I used Artist’s Loft markers to color the outfit and the eyes, Ohuhu markers for the skin color, hair and shoes. The Coloring page of […]

Learn how to draw and color the anime charachter Meliodas!

This time I decided to draw and color a charachter that is loved by many teens called Meliodas. To be honest, I love this type of drawings as I used to be a fan of Final Fantasy game when I used to spend alot of time on playstation back before having kids 🙂 The markers […]

Learn how to draw Shawn Mendes in Comic Style

I have selected the famous canadian singer and song writer Shawn Mendes to start a series of learning Comic Style drawing videos for kids. It’s fun and a great way to learn how to sketch using a creative method of drawing which can be applied using any picture they wish to convert to comic, it […]

Learn how to color Apples with Zebra Pattern!

A simple and fun way to draw and color an apple with Zebra Pattern, engage your kids with a creative experience for coloring. I believe that “out side the box” ideas are the ones that are attractive and useful for our kids and will be always remembered. The combination created with an Apple drawing plus […]

Learn how to make simple Cats Crafts using colors and Left Over Paper!

It is always exciting for our kids to feel that they can actually be engaged with our work! Whether it is being part of baking cookies, or to help us organising the drawer, or helping us in creating the grocery shopping list etc. Let’s not stop them from being proactive, this is great to raise […]

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