Learn how to draw Shawn Mendes in Comic Style

I have selected the famous canadian singer and song writer Shawn Mendes to start a series of learning Comic Style drawing videos for kids.

It’s fun and a great way to learn how to sketch using a creative method of drawing which can be applied using any picture they wish to convert to comic, it is simply a way for learning drawing and a fun road to professional drawing on the later stage.

I will also show how to color the comics in the upcoming videos.

Let me know what you think 🙂


Learn how to color Apples with Zebra Pattern!

A simple and fun way to draw and color an apple with Zebra Pattern, engage your kids with a creative experience for coloring.

I believe that “out side the box” ideas are the ones that are attractive and useful for our kids and will be always remembered.

The combination created with an Apple drawing plus the Zebra pattern helps kids to be aware of the following concepts: Drawing, Fruits, Apple, Animals have patterns, Patterns Drawing, Zebra, and how to combine two different ideas to become one beautiful output.

How to:

■ White paper
■ Black and Red Markers
■ Black pen for the pattern tips and detailing the leaf.

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Learn how to make simple Cats Crafts using colors and Left Over Paper!

It is always exciting for our kids to feel that they can actually be engaged with our work! Whether it is being part of baking cookies, or to help us organising the drawer, or helping us in creating the grocery shopping list etc.

Let’s not stop them from being proactive, this is great to raise their sense of responsibility and being a part of a team.

This video is also a part of series i am creating for simple crafts which can be done with 3 to 5 years kids.

Easy and exciting 2 ides for how to create beautiful cat cut out using left over paper!

How to:

■ White paper
■ Blue board paper
■ Cutter used for cutting out the cat’s drawing
■ Colored Markers
■ Colored left over paper stripes
■ Glue
■ Black board paper for the cat’s eyes, nose, whiskers and mouth.
■ Ribbon

Hope you and the little ones will like it 🙂